Mariam Said Endorses The Pink Collection Revealed By The Brand, September 2018: Marmar Halim, the semi-couture Egyptian label, launches a collection of pink dresses in line with the Breast Cancer Awareness month. In collaboration with Mariam Said, UAE-based TV presenter, and activist, the collection is aimed at supporting all women worldwide.

Marmar Halim, the designer, says, “I designed few pieces in honor of any woman who fought and still fighting breast cancer. It is my way of showing respect to these women and their loved ones, who will always be a symbol of strength and power.”
To add, Mariam Said says, “I strongly believe in the importance of women supporting each other. The least we could do for these fighters is to give them hope and encourage them throughout their difficult battle of breast cancer.”
The collection consists of 7 dresses made from the finest fabrics, using different shades of pink. Each dress is made and designed elegantly to reflect women’s power and strength in a feminine way.

From voluminous styles to a shiny material, the collection is designed with great passion and love for the women, who will forever be known as the warriors in pink.
Marmar Halim dresses are available at Galeries Lafayette Dubai at The Dubai Mall.