Ramadan is around the corner and to celebrate the holy month we have decided to release a fabulous kaftan collection ready to be worn during stylish Iftars and Suhoors.

Ramadan is all about a clean slate and what evokes that better than a white billowy kaftan dress. The collection features two white dresses made of a beautiful crêpe material. While one is cinched, the other includes ruffles at the waist as well as oversized sleeves, thus creating two very different yet architecturally sophisticated designs. However, if you want to make a daring statement, but still rock the color white, there is a Jacquard dress whose subtle pleats and hand embroidered waist makes it a truly stellar piece.

If you prefer to make a romantic statement in Ramadan 2019, then our assortment of bright pink and red dresses will have all heads turned your way. From a warm pastel-pink kaftan dress made with soft silk to a hot magenta number, these kaftan dresses are sure to add a romantic touch to your closet with their ruffle accents. For a daring look, however, the red kaftan dress will be your go-to choice as its elegant silhouette and understated ruffles will leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

For those attracted to bright and summery colors, don’t worry we’ve got you covered for those as well. From a striking cyan kaftan dress absorbed in ruffles to a princess blue dress, which will have you feeling regal due to its billowy crêpe material, there is no shortage of vivid colors in this Ramadan 2019 collection. In the event of a Suhoor, we’ve got a spectacular blue evening dress that has dramatic sleeves and a jolly flow guaranteed to make your night unforgettable.

If you prefer to spend your evening in a crisp and polished taffeta fabric dress, then our green high-collared dress with its subtle ruffles and chic structure will satisfy all your needs. Or maybe you prefer to look like the star you are and delight in our metallic grey taffeta dress whose short sleeves and cool shape will have you enjoying some fun under the starry night.

A collection can’t be complete without some stylish black dresses that are ideal for those late night gathering as well as those dreamy summer nights. From a minimal jersey dress to a taffeta off-shoulder dress, this collection is blessed with unique black pieces that will leave you chic and comfortable.

As one can see the kaftan’s collection is filled with a heavy supply of fun yet modern kaftan dresses that are sure to make Ramadan 2019 a memorable one.