Bill Blass, the famous fashion designer said it once, “when in doubt wear red”! Well, he cannot be more right. Red is this kind of color that is related to emotions, passion, power, and excitement! If you’re the kind of woman who likes to look special on occasions, you should definitely go with red! Here we bring you the top red dresses from Marmar Halim for you to look sexy on your special occasion.

The Red Backless Maxi Dress

Here is a unique red backless maxi dress for your special night. The beautiful piece is pleated made of shimmery material for you to shine in your evening. With the unique back cut and the ribbon around the waist, there is no doubt you’ll catch the eyes of everyone around you!

The Maroon Off-shoulder Dress

If you like hand embroidered red dresses, you shouldn’t mess on this dress! The dress is featuring an off-shoulder design with a maxi skirt with a beautiful gathered waist inspiring a feminine silhouette. The dress has a distinctive look with the tulle material and a stunning fully hand embroidery.

Maroon Light Taftah Shoulder Cut

Look like a princess with an unparalleled hot look wearing this stunning shoulder cut dress. The beautiful light maroon dress is featuring a shapely shoulder cut with a ribbon around the waist for a uniquely feminine look.

The Red Embroidered Net

If you’re looking for a simple classy dress, this is the right dress for you. This piece suits many occasions. If you’re looking for a piece for a formal evening, this elegant dress absolutely a great fit. The Red maxi dress is featuring simple yet stunning hand embroidery.

The Maroon Cross Draped Tulle

Look more like a Greek queen with a modern touch with this amazing dress. The piece features a cross draped design with tulle fabric. The beautiful red ribbon gathered around the waist is giving it the special look it deserves.

So which do you think is the perfect dress for your next occasion?! If you’re one of the women out there who have a passion for the red color, you shouldn’t miss on one or even more of those stunning dresses. Make up your mind, and make sure you look unique for your next night out.